Summer Festival Press Release

Plans for this year’s Carnival season are progressing smoothly and there should be no need to worry. Everything will be “Copasetic at 40” That’s the assurance being given by the chairman of the 2014 Anguilla Summer Festival Committee Mr. Jerry “Dice” Richardson.

On January 01st, 2014, New Years Day, the Minister of Culture Hon. Jerome Roberts will announce the slogan of the 2014 Summer Festival at midday and there will be the launching of the committee’s website. This announcement will add to the already explosive start to the upcoming Carnival Season and will provide an opportunity to sensitize the general public, sponsors, participants and the media about plans for the 2014 festivities.

The Summer Festival Committee is “High Charge “remarked the Chairman and is planning to make 2014, the 40th Anniversary, a Rainbow Spectacle of Memories. Carnival is an expression of us and the things we love and a time to showcase the Anguilla rich Culture and talent. “I am encouraging Anguillians around the Diaspora to work to promote island’s unique carnival at an international level.” The Real Funn is our attempt to remain true to the cultural tradition the element that makes our carnival unique while at the same time marketing these and other newer features and elements as a tourism attraction in order to maximize economic benefits from carnival.

You can list to the full audio transcript of the minister’s press release here.